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Suggestions on Promoting the “Military Industry Plus” Strategy in Mianyang


By Chen Changsheng, Department of Macroeconomic Research, Shi Guang & Guo Wei, General Office of DRC

Research Report No 188, 2015 (Total NO 4873) 2015-12-9


Mianyang city in Sichuan Province is an important military, scientific and technological production base with China’s only national-level scientific and technological facilities. However, Mianyang is facing some prominent problems in development, including a blurred general positioning, coexistent multiple managerial systems, lack of integration of military industry with local enterprises, insufficient appeal to talents and unsound stimulus policy system for innovation. The advantages and potential of Mianyang Scientific and Technological City are yet to be fully leveraged, so as to make it become consistent with its due strategic status in national innovative development. We should in the future fully recognize Mianyang as the only Scientific and Technological City in China and be aware of its unique, important and demonstrative features. We should implement across the board the “military industry Plus” strategy, enhance development of core and supporting sectors of the military industry, spur deep integration between military and local enterprises, and build an open industrial cooperation network. We need to make endeavor to formulate mechanisms for interaction between the central government and local government, integration between military and civil businesses, as well as industrial coordination, application of scientific research results and connectivity between Jianyang and other regions so as to build the city into a leading national demonstration area for military industrial innovation and industrial clusters and establish a pilot area in the western region for innovation-driven development.

Key words: the military industry, innovation, integration between military and civil society, Mianyang Scientific and Technological City