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Research on New Strategic Regions for China’s Future Economic Growth


Since approaches to forming new strategic regions would be different, it is needed to reform innovation-related regional policies.

Policy Research on China's Petroleum Resources Exploitation and Development


The book covers systematic policy research on China's petroleum resources exploitation and development.

Six Questions about the US Financial Crisis


It has been three years since the US financial crisis started with the outbreak of the subprime mortgage crisis.

China's Urbanization: Prospects, Strategies and Policies


This book is a collection of research findings from a major project called Urbanization with Chinese Characteristics and Policy Research by the Development Research Center of the State Council (DRC) in 2009.

Mechanism, Policy and Practice of the Service Sector


The book covers the findings of policy research on mechanism reform and innovation in the service sector.

Rebuilding Boundaries: A New strategy for China's Food Security


This book Rebuilding Boundaries: A New strategy for China's Food Security has two parts: the "Logic of food security" and "New challenges in China's food security", both of them with six chapters.

Study of the Effect of Land Supply Institution to Housing Market


The author analyzes how land supply exerts a significant impact on the housing market, and focuses on several case studies.

The Survey on Upgrading of Chinese Firms


Company transformation relies on the joint effort of the government and enterprises. Company problems must be resolved by the company, but governments should offer policy guidance and support.

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