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Policy Options on the Construction of National Cultural Relics Compensation System(No.164, 2016)


By Zhuo Jie, Zhang Youjia & Yang Xiaodong, Research Team on “Financial Support for Promoting Cultural Heritage Protection and an Integrated Development of New Urbanization and New Rural Construction”, Research Institute of Public Administration and Human Resources, DRC

Research report No.164, 2016 (Total 5047) 2016-12-6

Abstract: It is necessary to construct a national cultural relics compensation system to balance public welfare and individual rights and interests, and to promote the sustainable development of cultural relics protection. Due to the requirements for the protection of cultural relics, the cultural relics compensation system focuses on covering the negative costs caused by implementing the control measures against relevant owners, setting up compulsory obligations and restricting their right of development. The compensation falls into four categories: 1. The purchase of conservation land ownership and the right to use the land; 2. The restrictions and control measures to relevant real estate; 3. Cost and investment for the repair of non-state-owned immovable cultural relics born or made by individuals; 4. The decline of opportunity cost and living standard relating to economic and social development caused indirectly by the protection of major relic sites. In response to different categories, reasonable compensations will be made in the forms of capital, transfer of development rights and industrial policies. Compensation standards and entities for providing compensations need to be clarified. Efforts need to be made for institutional construction including registration, the refinement of requirements, the introduction of standards, the establishment of special projects and pilot projects practice.

Key words: cultural relics protection, cultural relics compensation, individual rights and interests