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The Reform of Administrative Examination and Approval System: Review and Preview(No. 42, 2017)


By Long Haibo, Research Team on “The Results, Problems and Countermeasures of the New Round of Administrative Examination and Approval System Reform”, General Office, DRC

Research Report No. 42, 2017 (Total 5117) 2017-4-14

Abstract: Over the past five years, the work focusing on the reform of administrative examination and approval system has made positive progress. A series of decentralization reform measures have been implemented, and people have gained a greater sense of benefits. With the increasing decentralization efforts, the relevant reforms are also gradually advanced. First, the government has paid more attention to strengthening regulation, and the new market supervision system is gradually fleshed out. Second, the government has laid more emphasis on well-defined power and responsibility, and gradually implemented the list management system. Third, the government has attached more importance to optimizing the service mode through continuous innovations. But it should be noted that in view of the quality of administrative examination and approval, the effective implementation of examination and approval rights and the different response from various social groups, what have been achieved cannot meet people’s expectations. With regard to supply-side structural reform, decentralization still has a long way to go and regulation and the optimization of services need to develop collaboratively. Therefore, it is necessary for us to focus on the outstanding issues raised by the people, take seriously the innovation of supervision mechanism while pushing ahead with decentralization, gradually transfer the focus of our work to the optimization of government services, and strive to implement supportive measures for reform in an orderly manner with effective incentive results.

Key words: administrative examination and approval system, reform bonus, people’s sense of benefits, review