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CGNPC to build offshore wind farm in Pingtan

( chinadaily.com.cn )

Updated: 2013-05-09

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An offshore wind farm is expected to be built on Dalian Island in Pingtan county, Fujian province, next year by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Holding (CGNPC) with an investment of 4.5 billion yuan ($731.25 million), Pingtan Times reported Monday, May 6.

Tang Jiansheng, vice-general manger of CGNPC, visited Pingtan and discussed details of the project with local government authorities.

"Pingtan boasts rich, clean energy resources and has great potential for wind energy and tidal energy," said Tang. "The development conditions are good too. CGNPC hopes to play a role in the exploration of clean energy here and make a significant contribution."

CGNPC and Pingtan's administrative committee signed a framework agreement in December 2012 to enhance cooperation in wind power, tidal power and seawater desalination.

"The plan for the offshore wind farm project on Dalian Island, after being approved (by the Pingtan government and CGNPC management), will be handed to the National Development and Reform Commission for review," said Tang.

"CGNPC will also conduct a series of feasibility research reports on the project. If everything goes well, the construction will kick off next year," he added.

CGNPC also looks forward to more cooperation on other industries with Pingtan. The company will promote Pingtan to become a new platform for cross-Straits cooperation in clean energy through CGNPC's resources and brand influence, said Tang.

"CGNPC and Taiwan's energy enterprises frequently collaborate. We hope new energy enterprises in Taiwan will invest in Pingtan to promote cross-Straits clean energy cooperation."

Gong Qinggai, director of Pingtan's administrative committee, thanked CGNPC for supporting the county's development and opening-up. He said Pingtan has a considerable scope for collaboration with CGNPC and hopes CGNPC will boost investment in Pingtan.

As a large State-owned enterprise, CGNPC boasts total assets of 270 billion yuan. Seeking to "develop clean energy to benefit mankind", it has worked relentlessly to "build one of the world's top clean energy enterprises and become a leading global clean energy supplier and service provider".

Edited by Chen Zhilin and Michael Thai