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About Pingtan2013-01-28

Pingtan county, or Landao Island, is a municipal county of Fuzhou, provincial capital of Fujian.

Basic information2013-01-28

Pingtan is sometimes called "Lan for short. It has other nicknames such as "Haitan" or "Haishan", which mean "a mountain in the sea".


In the past two years, leaders from the Chinese central government have given instructions on the construction of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

Functional layout2013-01-27

According to the natural and geographical characteristics of Haitan Island and other affiliated islets in Pingtan, the county drafted an overall plan for the layout of the development of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone.

Development plan and goals2013-01-26

Pingtan will make full use of its regional advantages to seize the opportunity to peacefully development its cross-Straits relationship.

Development orientation2013-01-25

A cooperative model should be explored with more flexible, open, and tolerant policies towards Taiwan.

Industry development2013-01-25

Pingtan encourages Taiwan's high-tech and modern service industries to expand in Pingtan for cross-Straits cooperation.

Affiliated islets2013-01-24

As an important part of the Pingtan Comprehensive Pilot Zone, the affiliated islets include Yutou Islet, Junior Liandao Islet, Senior Liandao Islet, Junior Eastern Yangdao Islet, Tangyu Islet, Caoyu Islet and some smaller surrounding islets.

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