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Huaqiao hosts zongzi wrapping competition

Huaqiao hosts zongzi wrapping competition

Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festivals in China. Zongzi, steamed glutinous rice wrapped in bamboo leaves, is an essential food for the festival.

Before the festival, a zongzi wrapping competition kicked off in Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, which attracted over 60 participants from 30 teams.

The competition was held in the culture and sports center of Huaqiao. Participants brought glutinous rice, bamboo leaves, meat and dates. As the referee whistled, the participants started to wrap glutinous rice and dates with bamboo leaves and tie a thread around it. The judges marked finished zongzis according to their shape and the cleanness of the table.

Chen Xiaofang and Hua Yinping from Huaqiao community won the first prize.

The zongzi wrapping competition has not only displayed the fine tradition of the Chinese nation but also informed the young how to make zongzi.

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