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Administrative Divisions

Qingdao today has direct jurisdiction over 7 districts and 5 county-level cities, with a total area of 10,654 square kilometers.

Qingdao Expo awarded eco-culture model base

The park of the 2014 Qingdao International Horticultural Exposition was awarded eco-culture model status.

Annual meeting of AIPH held at Qingdao expo

The 66th annual meeting of AIPH was held in the Expo Plaza Hotel of Qingdao expo on Sep 16.

Qingdao delegation visits IFA in Berlin

Qingdao's China International Consumer Electronics Show sent a delegation to visit IFA in Berlin.

First case of e-commerce export rebates granted in Qingdao

A Qingdao-based international trade company was granted by the local taxation authority a tax rebate for a cross-border e-commerce export transaction.


Qingdao boasts rich ocean resources--863.30 kilometers of coastline, 69 islands, 49 bays and 212.31 square meters of mudflats.


Qingdao's tourist attractions.

City of Brand

Qingdao banks on successful brands to stay competitive.

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