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'Shoushou' denies rumors of commercial exploitation

By Wang Ru (China Daily)
Updated: 2010-03-22 07:55
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 'Shoushou' denies rumors of commercial exploitation

Zhai Ling says she is the victim in the sex video scandal. Jiang Dong/China Daily

A Beijing car model, who was recently at the center of a video scandal that caused a stir on the Internet, has denied it was a trick to help her enter showbusiness.

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Zhai Ling, 23, better known as "Shoushou" (The Beast), denied the rumor that Wong Jing, a Hong Kong film director, was exploiting the scandal for a film Zhai would star in.

"I believe there is not a woman in the world who would truly like to ruin her life-long reputation for commercial exploitation," said Zhai in an interview with METRO over the weekend.

However, Zhai did admit that she had received some offers from film directors after the scandal, but she refused to reveal the details.

Zhai said she had received many calls and messages from companies that claimed they could help turn her from a model into a superstar.

She said she would continue working as an auto model in the future and would probably make an appearance at the forthcoming Auto China 2010 in Beijing from April 23 to May 2.

Zhai said she has barely left home for fear of being recognized.

'Shoushou' denies rumors of commercial exploitation

The explicit videos that sparked the scandal were allegedly first posted online by a disgruntled former boyfriend and have since been highly sought after by Internet users.

Online security experts subsequently warned netizens that hackers had used the videos to spread computer viruses and infected more than 100,000 computers.

A Beijing man who offered to share the pornographic videos was given a 15-day administrative detention, according to police.

Keying "Shoushou" into Google produces 2.6 million results, with most related to downloading the sex video.

"I am the victim of the scandal. I will use the law to protect myself," said Zhai, who said she didn't want to be called "Shoushou" any longer.

Zhai said that her agency company is contacting an experienced lawyer in Beijing to handle the case.

"The person who was the first to upload this video will be punished eventually," she said.

Now she hopes the public will accept her sincere apology for the video and she says she wants her case to be a lesson for all women.

"I was stupid and trusted a man too much," she said.