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Charity and luxury cars should not mix

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2012-09-10 20:54

As a social welfare organization, it is not appropriate for Hefei Children’s Welfare Institute to purchase a luxury car using charity finances, says an article in Beijing Youth Daily. Excerpt:

Hefei Children’s Welfare Institute has spent 390,000 yuan ($61,464) to buy a luxury Mercedes. Major officials at the Hefei bureau of civil affairs told media that the purchase of the car was approved by authorities and confirms to procedures and regulations. The comments attracted widespread criticism from the public.

It’s the government’s responsibility to financially support non-profit social welfare institutions such as children’s welfare institutes, and the public will have no objection to money being spent on children. But it’s inappropriate for these institutions to purchase a luxury car, which has little to do with children’s welfare. It’s a waste of public finances even if it does satisfy a so-called legal procedure.

In many areas of the country there are still many things that need improvement in children’s welfare. Many children in need can barely get daily necessities due to financial difficulties in local areas. The luxury car scandal has exposed imbalance in children’s welfare, and much more supervision is needed in this field.

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