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Australia should join BRICS

China Daily | Updated: 2013-04-08 07:57

As an Australian, I would like to see Australia, along with its ally New Zealand, join BRICS. If Australia becomes part of BRICS, it would ensure peace and prosperity in the Asia Pacific region. It is in the best interests of both China and Australia to cooperate in all areas and strengthen their friendship.

BRICS is source of new hope for the world. The creation of a BRICS bank would be a wonderful development for the justice-seeking non-aligned countries.

The International Monetary Fund has been and continues to be a tool of the US-led West. A BRICS bank would offer a real helping hand to developing countries and can emerge as a source of new and mutually fruitful cooperation.

Chinese President Xi Jinping wants an equal relationship with Africa. I think a BRICS bank will embody that same sincere and genuine principle.

Australia has a lot to offer, especially as a bridge between East and West. Australia is unique in that it is a "Western" nation that happens to be part of the Asia Pacific region. Australia should sign a non-aggression pact with both China and the US so that it is not caught in the middle of new developments.

The "Asian Century" must be a century of cooperation, and if Australia joins BRICS, it would make cooperation more mutually profitable in the Asia Pacific region.

HailChina, on China Daily website

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