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Japan out to repeat past mistakes

Updated: 2013-12-09 07:19
( China Daily)

Comment on "China refutes Australia's remarks over air zone" (China Daily, Nov 27)

The air defense identification zone that China has established is meant to manage air navigation and make it safe. If Japan and the United States don't have evil designs up their sleeves, they should not worry about it.

China and Japan agreed in September 1972 to shelve the dispute over the Diaoyu Islands for future generations to resolve, but Japan violated that agreement by "nationalizing" the islands last year.

If Japan had not tried to change the status quo, there would have been no tension at all, especially because China is Japan's biggest trading partner. But hawkish Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe often sends signals that Japan is moving in the wrong direction.

It seems Japan has not learned from history and is desperate to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Hwang, from China Daily forum

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(China Daily 12/09/2013 page9)