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Spring Festival not about status

Updated: 2014-01-10 09:15
( China Daily)

According to a micro blog, relationship questions and loss of face at classmate reunions are among the biggest worries of the post-1980 generation this Spring Festival, but that is because people forget the true meaning of the holiday, says an article on Excerpts:

The pure, simple and refined customs of the past have been transformed by strong commercial interests into vulgar traditions and money worship. But what is to blame is neither the holidays nor the gifts given to family members, but the vanity buried in some people's minds. For this group of people, they will lose face if they fail to demonstrate their financial strength and outgive others at family reunions.

Many of the post-1980 generation working in cities may not have a salary that high. Therefore, they should consider their financial situation when giving gift money, and remember what matters in human relations is not material things, but sincerity and honesty.

Also, when friends and relatives ask about relationships or income, most of them mean well and are simply showing their concern and love. But it appears that since we care about them and don't want to disappoint them, we do not have the confidence to answer such questions honestly, and so fear them.

In fact, if every generation could get rid of their vanity, and turn such fear and pressure into motivation, and confront these problems with a rational attitude, we could be mentally well-prepared and give outstanding performances in the coming year that will satisfy everyone.