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China looks ahead to a bright future

Updated: 2014-02-27 18:01
By Cesare Baj (

Chinese leaders are demonstrating a high level of skill in managing the most populated country in the world. The success of their policies in the last decades is evident and a demonstration of what means to have 5000 years of history in one's back. China is able to demonstrate its force, dosing it wisely according to the situations. And it is able to have a long view, for example in its committment in Africa, something that countries managed by 4-5 years lasting administrations are unable to do.

China is a modern society, projected to the future. You read this in the eyes of all young people you meet.

Just some adjustments are needed: a gradual developments of forms of participation to the management; promoting knowledge and self-improvement as core values of the society, in opposition to high consumptions and appearence.

All the best in this demanding world.

The author is aviation historian, author and Chief Administrator of the Aero Club Como, Italy.