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Are Chinese tourists uncivilized?

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Editor's note: A video clip capturing the sight of a toddler urinating on the street in Hong Kong has once again put mainland tourists under the spotlight. Are they uncivilized or just misunderstood? Our forum readers offer their different perspectives. If you're interested in the topic, you're welcome to join us for discussions.


Improper tourist behavior is everywhere and Chinese are not worse compared to other nationalities. If you ask major European tourist destinations you will not get Chinese customers as worst tourists but European countries. If the local hosts would always take enough time to help their guests understand local habits it would be much easier for all. A lot of this "unacceptable' behavior is due to not understanding local cultures. We western people also "misbehave" when visiting other (Asian) cultures but they will not directly and openly complain about it because this not in their culture.

Are Chinese tourists uncivilized?

Are Chinese tourists uncivilized?  Are Chinese tourists uncivilized? Are Chinese tourists uncivilized?
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