Some "bad" habits I've picked up in China

Updated: 2014-05-16 08:06 ( bbs.chinadaily.com.cn)

Editor's note: Living in a foreign country offers people the opportunity to experience an entirely different culture. But you will also perhaps find yourself subconsciously adopting the local habits - especially after a long period of stay. Some of them might be really good, but unfortunately you might also acquire some bad habits. These are just a few of the "habits" our forum readers have found that they have now adopted following their move to China. Feel free to share yours in the discussion.

1. I have stopped saying thank you

Chinese people often don't say thank you to waiters, shop assistants or other people in customer service. Money is thrown on the counter for the customer or the cashier to pick up. When buying something the only thing that might come out of the cashier's mouth is the price. Back in India, we don't say nearly as many thank yous as in America for example, but China seems to be lacking even more. On the other hand, if someone is being super nice and polite to you, you might be getting ripped off. When there are next to no words exchanged, then you are being treated like a local, at a local price.


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