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Terrorists in Xinjiang doomed to fail

(China Daily) Updated: 2014-05-23 07:54

Ethnic separatism, religious extremism and terrorist forces in China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region under the cloak of religion have incited people calling for a "holy war" to overthrow the government and establish a theocracy in Xinjiang. By launching violent terrorist attacks and stirring up riots and turmoil, ethnic separatist forces and terrorists are attempting vainly to separate Xinjiang from China. Their activities must be opposed by all, says an article in Xinjiang Daily. Excerpts:

Launching violent terrorist attacks against innocent people to achieve their evil motive runs counter to the rules of human development, damages the interests of people of all ethnic groups, and is resolutely opposed to by all forces with a just cause. The "three evil forces" cannot represent any ethnic group or religion. The anti-human atrocities they commit threaten national security and social stability and damage people's fundamental interests. But no matter how savage their violent terrorist attacks are, they are doomed to fail.

Religious extremism, combined with ethnic separatism, in Xinjiang pose a serious challenge to China's overall domestic security. However, China's comprehensive capability in fighting against terrorism and maintaining stability is improving with the full support of the central government.

Wherever terrorist forces emerge, they will be struck immediately. At a time when violent terrorist attacks are happening, people should be more united than ever. The massacring of the innocents by violent terrorist is hated greatly by both man and God. Their violent terrorist attacks can only make the people fully aware of their anti-human natures.

Terrorism is the enemy of all mankind and the campaign against terrorism is a battle between good and evil and between civilization and savagery. Anti-terrorism must be the common stance of all the world's peace-loving people and the common responsibility of all mankind.

People of all ethnic groups will not tolerate the terrorist forces in Xinjiang, who have been masterminding the bloody attacks with the purpose of undermining national unity and cohesion, putting pressure on the government, intimidating the people and splitting the country.

Facing the terrorist forces that willfully slaughter the innocent, people of all ethnicities will share a bitter hatred of the enemy and unite as one to prevent terrorism, safeguard national unity and maintain long-term peace and order in border areas.

Terrorism is a public nuisance, and also a chronic and stubborn disease, of the whole world. We should attach great importance to the campaign against terrorism, be on high alert for and get tough with terrorists. Meanwhile, efforts should be made not to exaggerate the capabilities of the terrorists so as to avoid causing social panic or a state of extreme nervousness.

The terrorists' schemes to create an atmosphere of terror and disturb the social order are again and again defeated by the government and the people. The government is more capable in fighting against terrorism and the society also is becoming mature in response to such events.

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