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Foreigners' favorite Chinese dishes

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Editor's note: No trip would be complete without savoring the local food culture. Actually, China has various kinds of delicious food, including a wide variety of local snacks. Here are some foreign readers' favorite Chinese dishes. You're also welcome to share your comments.

Jeeem (US)

Without a doubt, the majority of the foreigners I came into contact. and myself included, the favorites were...in order:

1) Peking Duck

2) Dim Sum

3) Mongolian Hot Pot

Without a doubt, China is a place where the food is not only delicious, but the cheapest I've ever found.

Anyway, on my last night in Beijing before returning to the States, I went to a Peking Duck restaurant that had been suggested for me to try. Beautiful place! Gorgeous woodblock prints on the walls, fresh flowers in the vases on the table, exquisite silverware and beautiful chopsticks. I was handed a menu and found most of the prices were wicked, wicked cheap for the high quality of the food. The duck came in whole or half, along with all the little trimmings that you know if you've ever eaten Peking duck ... a little tortilla to put the sliced duck and veggies in, veggies, chopped onion, sauce ... anyway, I ended up ordering a whole duck and thought I'd just take the rest back to my hotel to eat later if I couldn't finish it.

Foreigners' favorite Chinese dishes

Foreigners' favorite Chinese dishes Foreigners' favorite Chinese dishes
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