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Journey to South Asia

By Laxmi Lamsal (blog.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2014-09-22 21:16

Journey to South Asia

The subcontinental Indian Ocean is marked by profound diversity. While most of the world has rapidly developed and every other corner of the earth has been dug, south Asia is still seen as a rich destination with much potential and many possibilities.

Why are developed nations now looking to the least-developed “virgin” nations? There are a lot of areas open to exploration by sharp minds and technologies. There are plenty of chances to achieve outcomes in economic and other areas. In the competitive world, everyone wants to create their vitality through wealth. Non-developed countries are brimming with various opportunities.

South Asia has a thirst to thrive. It is there that an oasis for developing China can be found. Furthermore, China and the whole of South Asia cannot be separated in the sense of neighborhood.

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s upcoming South Asian experience doesn’t only present an opportunity to expound on the Chinese dream, it is also an occasion for the exchanging of various doctrines.

China and South Asia have enjoyed a longstanding relationship throughout history. They are neighbors who, despite any ups and downs they may have had, share a relationship of mutual benefit.

China and India are the most populous nations with the largest territory and cultural background. Both developing nations share common opportunities and challenges. If they are willing, they can together reshuffle the color of world. But both have similar mounting prejudices which should be managed in time.

Recently, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Japan – a rival of China – and president Xi’s plans to visit Pakistan, which is a rival of India. Both leaders have equal capacity to lead their neighbors, but who would be the perfect one?

Pakistan is under the strain of terrorism, which can threaten China’s border, too. Their co-operation can enhance a mutual security framework. Both have age-long warm relations without any confrontation.

Sri Lanka has come through civil war and is now heading toward economic progress. China can fulfill Sri Lanka’s needs with technology and investment.

President Xi’s journey to South Asia could prove beneficial. This continent also seeks drastic changing terms as China looks forward to enhance its dream. Only a mutual exchange can pave the way.

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