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Should divorce be made more difficult?

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Editor's Note: The question of whether or not to put legislation in place that limits a couple's ability to get divorced is a hot topic that generates strong opinions. Should a divorce be more difficult to obtain? Or is the process arduous enough already? Our forum readers share their insights here and you are also welcomed to share yours.

Onceaknight (China)

My view is that it is already far too easy, especially for young people, to divorce. The process should be more difficult and take more time, maybe around two years. That way maybe some would not jump into marriage so quickly, knowing that they can't easily turn away from it. The divorce rate of newlyweds (1-3 years) is far too high because the system makes it too easy to walk away from.

Should divorce be made more difficult?

Actor Ashton Kutcher, left, with ex-wife actress Demi Moore, right, at the 13th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles January 28, 2007. They divorced in 2012.

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