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Why do Chinese films fail to sell overseas?

( bbs.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2014-12-24 08:18

Editor's Note: Some Chinese film entrepreneurs are unhappy with the fact that China has not yet been unable to produce a "homemade global hit" that would be universally appealing. Our forum readers share their opinions on the reasons and you are also welcome to share yours.

Seneca (expat in China)

Chinese movies aren't films that would appeal to everybody because they tend to be artistic rather than commercial and don't have a lot of buyers. It's not because they don't like Chinese movies but it's that they don't understand them. To people in Europe and America, Chinese culture is still very distant.

Why do Chinese films fail to sell overseas?

China is rolling out thousands of feature films every year. While some of these movies have done well at the local box office, they don't seem to have the same appeal to international audiences.

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