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Should undergrads start business?

(bbs.chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2015-04-15 08:10

Editor's Note: With more college graduates going on to become entrepreneurs, many students are also wondering whether they should skip school to start a business or start one while they are in college. Do you support college students starting their own business? Share your views on our website.

Nathan (China)

Now many universities allow their students to suspend their studies to launch a business and if they fail or want to come back to the campus they can continue their studies. Many people have stereotypes of post-90s, that they are lazy and social-media obsessed, twerking twenty-somethings who don't know hard work. So if we do something awesome, it's a big deal. If we fail, it does not matter because we are so young and failing at anything means you're trying.

Should undergrads start business?

A college student sits in his room which is packed with various items for sale on his online store. The percentage of college graduates opting to start their own businesses has risen for three years running and the average monthly salary of self-employed graduates is higher than those working for others, a survey shows. [Photo/IC]

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