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Will e-books replace paper books?

(chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2016-09-02 09:06

Editor's note: With their convenience and affordable prices, electronic books are increasingly popular especially among youngsters. Will e-books replace paper books? Which is better, e-book or paper book? Forum readers share their opinions.

TedM (UK)

I have an ebook that is as near to printed pages as possible, with brightness and typeset controls. I am able to keep many hundreds of books in its memory. This is very convenient for traveling and storage. I have been using it for two years with no damage to eyesight, headaches etc.

However, having this ebook frees up money to buy a paper version, often a hardback copy, of my favorite and most valued books. Nothing will replace the feel, ownership and physical enjoyment of a real printed book that you can easily flick back and forward through the pages. They become heirlooms too. I have my grandfathers copy of Rudyard Kipling's poetry that he carried with him all through the first world war. I have a copy of Alice in Wonderland that was my mother's. An ebook cannot possibly replace the value of this. Use both kinds as appropriate.

Will e-books replace paper books?

14-year old Bentje reads an article on her e-book in Schwerin, Germany, 25 February 2015. Digital reading material is increasingly becoming popular amongst students, professionals and commuters.[Photo/IC]

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