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Is Halloween gaining popularity in China?

chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2016-10-27 14:05

Editor's note: With Halloween fast approaching, Chengdu's metro issued a statement on its Weibo account, banning spooky costumes to avoid chaos and panic among passengers. Should Halloween costumes be banned from the subway? Is Halloween becoming more popular in China? Forum readers share their opinions.

surfer567 (Thailand)

I loved Halloween, but it doesn't mean I want China to adopt the tradition, and I wouldn't ask for such a thing. If I wanted to celebrate Halloween, then I would go to the US. Each country should have its own unique traditions. And I never knew about the origins of Halloween, but to me, it's not important. What's priceless is not knowledge of where Halloween came from and not even the candies you get, but the fun you have with your friends. I'm sure Chinese people have got their own ways of having fun.

Is Halloween gaining popularity in China?

A young man dressed in Halloween costume takes selfies at a store in Shanghai, China, October 29, 2014.[Photo/IC]

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