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Huang Xiangyang

Huang Xiangyang is a copy editor of China Daily. He likes to write with a light touch about serious social topics.

Have the wheels come off the bike-sharing industry?

[2017-08-15 09:23]

It is always painful to see something useful being turned into rubbish, and that may be the tragic fate shared bikes are embracing.

Home prices give the lie to notion of better future

[2017-03-29 07:26]

A young colleague of mine told me the other day that one thing he is most proud of is his decision to buy an apartment in Beijing in 2012, two years after his graduation from university.

Online shopkeeping effort falls on stony ground

[2017-02-24 08:15]

I had never expected that I would one day try my hand at running a store on social networking app WeChat.

Masseuse offers valuable lessons for life and work

[2017-01-25 11:03]

As I left the store I thanked my masseuse profusely, not only for the good massage I received, but also for a lesson on work and life.

Successful investors should not follow the herd

[2016-12-27 07:41]

One of the lessons I have learned over the years is that to beat the market you have to do just the opposite of what others do. In the battle for wealth the winners are always the tiny minority of people, because decisions made by the majority are always wrong. This is a market driven by herd behavior, and it always will be.

Funeral industry offers bereaved a sense of dignity

[2016-11-17 09:58]

The number of senior people is predicted to double by 2035, which means the market potential is immense for companies that provide such services as funerals, cremation, burial and memorials.

Money and coach do not make a soccer team

[2016-10-26 11:11]

All this will take time, but officials in charge of the sport refuse to accept that because they want a quick-fix solution no matter what the monetary cost is.

Mobikes a small price to pay for clean and green travel

[2016-10-21 09:22]

In a metropolis like Beijing, what's the best way you can think of to spend only a single yuan ($0.15)?

The writing on the Great Wall is grief

[2016-09-26 07:39]

It is the sacred duty of us all and of the generations to come to keep the Great Wall alive, instead of stifling it to death by pouring cement mixture on it.

Unhappiness of a long distance runner

[2016-09-14 07:44]

Can we expect more government-sponsored playgrounds and gyms for ordinary people?

Game of wealth requires strong will power

[2016-08-25 08:06]

The game of wealth is, in essence, all about human psychology. In order to survive in the money market, you not only need to have trading techniques, analytical skills or self discipline, but also exceptionally strong will power.

Is mass shutdown the best way to improve Beijing?

[2016-08-05 08:02]

In Beijing, changes take place fast, either for better or for worse. So overnight, a bustling section for businesses of all kinds has been shut down and turned into a messy construction site.

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