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Huang Xiangyang

Huang Xiangyang is a copy editor of China Daily. He likes to write with a light touch about serious social topics.

Storm-delayed flight offers a much-needed lesson in service

[2015-08-21 15:50]

The airline staff at the counter looked worn out, and were being bombarded by anxious passengers seeking help of all sorts. But their efficiency was unparalleled.

Market success is a lesson in human psychology

[2015-07-24 15:19]

The regulatory authorities had rolled out a series of measures-ranging from cutting interest rates to halting the issue of new shares-to stop the decline, but to no immediate avail.

No sense in forecasting the direction of a bipolar market

[2015-06-23 09:14]

Let me quote Forrest Gump to describe China's stock market: "It is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get."

Rich beyond his dreams but blind to value of money

[2015-05-29 07:45]

Wang Sicong defines success as "being able to do as I damnwell please". Obviously, he has achieved that.

Profits may lie where only fools fear to tread

[2015-04-29 07:19]

I admit it: I am not a good investor. Actually, I feel more like a loser in face of the unprecedented bull run than I did during the market's long, bearish winter.

Marathon critics have tainted vision

[2015-01-15 07:51]

Despite its huge population, China remains a "third world country" in terms of marathon participants.

The heck with fundamentals! Concept shares in hot demand

[2014-12-16 07:23]

Stocks | Huang Xiangyang

Comeliness of a long distance runner

[2014-10-20 13:56]

The annual Beijing Marathon kicked off with the capital shrouded in heavy smog on Sunday.

Crime not atoned is crime committed twice

[2014-02-25 17:25]

The discovery came through a documentary depicting “Indonesia’s dark past” — US director Joshua Oppenheimer’s Oscar-nominated The Act of Killing — which I watched on the Internet.

The contradiction that is Japan

[2014-01-04 07:21]

I hope the devilish part of the Japanese heart is never released, not even when their leaders push the nation down the road of militarism.

No fear of the finish when running

[2013-11-16 07:35]

Now running has become part of my life. I am still suffering from the "highs" I know it will be a lifelong battle against them but I am more energetic.

The unexpected kaleidoscope that is India

[2013-02-28 07:37]

India has long been a fascinating country, both familiar and obscure, for me.

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