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Huang Xiangyang

Huang Xiangyang is a copy editor of China Daily. He likes to write with a light touch about serious social topics.

Rising cost of elderly care offers huge profit potential

[2016-07-19 10:37]

For years my parents, both in their 80s, have lived alone in an apartment in downtown Beijing by themselves.

Go against the grain to reap investment dividends

[2016-06-03 09:44]

After all, as most people lose in the market, you have to do just the opposite of what others do if you expect to win this game of wealth.

Ongoing passion for fitness offers healthy returns to startups

[2016-05-05 10:05]

A momentum is building up in the development of keep-fit business, creating wealth opportunities for those who see the potential.

Has the devil got hold of their hearts?

[2016-04-21 08:14]

It is deplorable that regional discrimination has spread unchecked in our society. And it is a shame that we don't even have a legal weapon to fight it.

Online platforms jump on the Go bandwagon

[2016-04-14 08:28]

The recent win of Google Inc's artificial intelligence program AlphaGo over South Korea's Lee Sel-do, one of the world's best Go players, has reignited my enthusiasm over the ancient Chinese board game. It also makes me recall how I first fell in love with it.

On your bikes! Perhaps too early to say that

[2016-04-06 10:49]

The media uproar over the Shenzhen incident and the public concern for the disadvantaged group, however, show that ignoring the needs of weak and poor is not the hallmark of our society.

Planning to invest in homes outside key cities? Think again

[2016-02-05 08:19]

Nearly five years ago, I made the biggest investment decision of my life-to buy an apartment.

Talking to beautiful strangers on WeChat is the road to ruin

[2016-01-25 08:55]

WeChat is amazing. I use the popular instant messaging service provided by Tencent every day because it satisfies almost all my needs: information, entertainment, and of course, social networking.

Yellow metal set to regain its glitter in topsy-turvy market

[2016-01-12 13:55]

The description of "yellow, glittering, precious gold", which I happened to read in William Shakespeare's Timon of Athens in my college years in the late 1980s, is engraved in my mind. "

Honey, my savings got Lynched by a stock

[2015-11-24 08:55]

You have to do something with your hard-earned money to prevent it from being eaten away by the rising inflation. The question is - how?

Two questions to ponder before you buy TCM stocks

[2015-10-13 08:40]

One of the effects of Chinese herbal scientist Tu Youyou winning a Nobel Prize for medicine has been the rise in prices of traditional Chinese medicine-related stocks on mainland bourses after the weeklong National Day holiday.

Marathons offer healthy business opportunities

[2015-09-08 09:02]

Long-distance running has become a craze among the increasingly affluent and health-conscious Chinese people.

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