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Huang Xiangyang

Huang Xiangyang is a copy editor of China Daily. He likes to write with a light touch about serious social topics.

What's with those Beijing taxis?

[2012-08-23 08:09]

Though not a landmark, it's one of the city's largest, and finding it, we had presumed, should not be particularly difficult for a taxi driver.We were wrong.

Will we lament how green were our valleys

[2012-08-04 07:48]

My mood turned sour as I trudged along the rugged mountain path in Yunnan province last week. I even started to regret my decision to travel there for a holiday.

Underdogs can only laugh at troubles

[2012-07-05 08:15]

Youth icon writer Han Han has described himself as "a pure rural diaosi from Shanghai's suburbs". And members of the pop group Mayday have identified themselves as "diaosi once off stage".

Local officials play make-and-break game

[2012-06-14 08:10]

It is a little inconvenient walking to work these days. The pavement along the street to my office has been cordoned off with cones as workers dig out the concrete bricks to replace them with new ones.

Inquiry into the health of citizens

[2012-05-24 08:12]

You never know what you have until it's gone. This is especially true of your health.

High price to pay for brazen profits

[2012-05-09 08:06]

With adequate profit, capital is very bold, Karl Marx noted. Now not only is it bold, it is getting increasingly brazen.

Glee at students' deaths reveals desperation

[2012-04-19 08:14]

The killing of two Chinese students in the United States last week failed to stir sympathy and grief among some of their compatriots in China.

Tenuous links in our chain of glory

[2012-04-05 08:08]

The focus of the online comments was not speculation about Facebook's possible entry into China, but the young billionaire's Chinese girlfriend Priscilla Chan.

Beware ubiquitous traps for consumers

[2012-03-22 08:15]

It was a normal weekday afternoon, much like any other, and I was surfing the Net, when suddenly a pop-up appeared informing me it was my lucky day.

It's time to clean up the stock 'casino'

[2012-03-08 08:18]

The most encouraging remark about China's stock market I have heard recently came from Guo Shuqing, chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

To the indebted nations of Europe

[2012-02-23 08:07]

Now that China has shown its goodwill toward you with its chivalrous purchasing of European debts, we can expect some demonstration of goodwill from you.

Despite optimism, still a long road ahead

[2012-02-09 08:11]

Catching the trend The Economist published a special section on China in its Jan 28 issue, the first time in six decades that it has devoted a separate section to a single country.

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