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Huang Xiangyang

Huang Xiangyang is a copy editor of China Daily. He likes to write with a light touch about serious social topics.

Subway clash reveals changing fortunes

[2012-01-20 08:09]

A video clip showing a quarrel between several mainland tourists and local Hong Kong residents on a subway train in the special administrative region has unexpectedly become an Internet hit.

Spring exodus shows need for hukou reform

[2012-01-12 08:06]

The sufferings migrant workers endure to get a train ticket during the Spring Festival period was brought into the media spotlight earlier this month.

A wealth terminator for small investors

[2011-12-29 07:58]

In fact they probably feel bitter, because few will have made any gains in such a bearish market, and there is still no light at the end of the tunnel, as economists forecast worse days ahead.

A purchase with many advantages

[2011-12-01 08:17]

We have $3.2 trillion in foreign exchange reserves. Surely it would be more rewarding for the money to be invested in our children - the future of our nation - than in US Treasuries. How?

The natural way to pick your stocks

[2011-12-15 08:03]

Among all the legendary investors I like Peter Lynch the most, because his theories are simple.

Confessions of a small-time investor

[2011-11-17 08:05]

During the past 10 years, I have invested part of my income in stocks and warrants, funds and gold. But the result is I am no wealthier now than I would have been without such speculation.

The other side of foreign brands

[2011-11-03 08:11]

Many Chinese people love foreign goods, especially reputable brands. The wealthy flock to Paris, New York and Hong Kong snapping up goods ranging from bags and jewelry to milk powder.

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