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问题牛排(wèntí níupái): Problematic steak

China Daily | Updated: 2016-12-09 08:08

A famous catering enterprise Jono in Changsha, Hunan province of Central China, which has about 20 high-end Chinese and Western restaurants nationwide, has become embroiled in a scandal after it was found the steaks it was selling as beef steaks were mixed with duck meat and pork.

A subsequent inspection by the Changsha food and drug administration resulted in it ordering the company to recall 2,000 kilograms of meat for inspection.

And an inspection of the company's beef supplier Pason Foods, based in Shanghai, found 719 bags of beef products without a production date and 32 bags of steak products that had exceeded their expiration date.

According to the media, Jono restaurants sell more than 1 billion steaks every year. And Pason Food's official website shows that many famous catering business and large-scale supermarkets are cooperative partners of the company.

Food safety scandals always draw wide public concern because they are related to people's health. The scandal highlights once again the ineffective supervision in the food industry.

The relevant administrative authorities should take urgent steps to address this issue and enhance their inspection of the food-related enterprises to guarantee the health and legal rights of consumers.

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