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Hangzhou's de facto new driving license for delivery riders

China Daily | Updated: 2017-04-28 07:52

Hangzhou's de facto new driving license for delivery riders

Yu Weijiao, founder and chairman of Shanghai Yuantong Express Logistics Co Ltd, delivers packages for customers in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province. [Photo/China Daily]

THE TRAFFIC POLICE in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, recently issued a traffic safety manual to scooter delivery riders. Yanzhao Metropolis Daily comments:

It is reported that the delivery riders in Hangzhou need to pass a special exam on traffic safety to acquire the manual, which is regarded as a de facto driving license for delivery riders. The manual holders will be punished if they break any of the rules listed in the manual.

This is a good move in response to the rapid rise in the number of scooter delivery riders in many cities. It is necessary to better manage the riders, as the Hangzhou traffic police are attempting to do, to ensure not only the riders' safety, but also the order of the transport system.

Most delivery riders use electric tricycles and scooters. But their driving habits, decided by their duties, require them to rush. Some delivery-people only bear in mind the deadline of their deliveries and forget the traffic rules, causing a large number of traffic accidents.

The Hangzhou traffic police need to constantly update the rules in the manual and strengthen public awareness of them. Although, the rules are not yet compulsory, after a trial period, if successful, the authorities can make the manual and related exam a must for all couriers of the logistics industry.

The Hangzhou traffic police have set a good example for the other cities to follow. The professional and delicacy management is conducive to improving the efficiency of administration, lubricating the public traffic system and lowering law-enforcement costs.

The couriers also have every reason to welcome the practice, because it, if well implemented, can effectively ensure their safety and protect their legal interests.

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