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Fathers need to pull their weight in raising kids

China Daily | Updated: 2017-05-11 07:54

AHEAD OF MOTHER'S Day on Sunday, some media have reported that many working mothers feel stressful under the pressure of balancing family and career. People's Daily comments:

A recent survey found that 80 percent of working mothers feel unsatisfied with their lives, not only because of the gender discrimination that means it is more difficult for women to achieve similar career success as men, but also because of the competing demands on their time from work and family.

Although women have more career choices and greater financial independence nowadays, their satisfaction with life has not improved proportionally, because of the conflicting demands they have to meet from their roles in both family and workplace.

More and more working mothers feel that even if they can lead a well-off life through their own efforts, they cannot solve their "time poverty". The best they can do is to plan their schedule as best as they can.

To some extent, what disconcerts the working mothers is a comprehensive social issue, as men have been traditionally less involved in raising children. Now more couples are choosing to have two children after the government changed the family planning policy, men are obliged to undertake their fair share of family responsibilities. Taking care of their children is a shared duty for both mother and father.

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