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Berlin Fang

Berlin Fang is a US-based instructional designer, literary translator and columnist writing on cross-cultural issues.

Are men less capable of being faithful in marriage?

[2016-11-22 11:15]

Why hold women to a higher moral standard when both actions are equally wrong? Are men less capable of or expected to being faithful to marriages?

Lessons from the United States of Athletics

[2016-08-22 08:11]

Intellectual development is but one of the many developments a person needs. Over the years I have had many opportunities to learn from American parents and educators why they put children through sports.

Do expats need pollution hazard pay?

[2014-09-01 08:22]

As the smog problem in Beijing continues, though less intense than last winter, companies like Coca Cola China are offering "pollution hazard pay" to expatriates in the city.

Tap into the potential of the 'cloud'

[2014-08-29 07:39]

I have a vision of learning while flowing freely between devices, people, and the physical and virtual worlds. Cloud computing has the promise to help with such fluidity and flexibility.

Curb anti-intellectualism in cyberspace

[2014-06-16 08:56]

But one unfortunate tendency I see is its ability to spread biased, misleading or even wrong information as people share one post after another.

Gaokao essay prompts should be fair to all

[2014-06-10 08:10]

Every year, the essay prompts in the gaokao, the national college entrance examination, lead to a carnival of comments and criticism.

Senseless violence shows banality of cool

[2014-06-04 08:14]

I hope we can create a culture that celebrates positive behavior as cool. So it is cool to care for others. It is cool to embrace difficult assignments at school instead of giving up or dropping out.

California's new racial discrimination

[2014-02-25 08:15]

Rather than privileges automatically enjoyed because of belonging to a particular group, personal character, hard work and other qualities within an individual's control should be the only factors determining educational competition.

Cure the gaming fix by fixing reality

[2014-02-22 07:26]

Giving addiction to gaming a medical name and treating it relieves parents from guilt and the responsibility they have in helping young people.

Beauty pulpit for showbiz celebrities

[2014-02-11 08:06]

Weibo is very popular in China, because it gives almost everyone a platform to read and write, even when one does not enjoy writing much.

A hitchhiker's guide to good blogging

[2014-01-18 07:54]

Keep writing. The greatest secret of success in blogging is to keep at it. You may suffer from the writer's block once in a while.

Dealing with the adjustment anxiety

[2013-11-28 07:22]

Adjustment to life a foreign land has always been tough, yet for many young Chinese heading to the US the adjustment issues are now of a different kind.

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