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China in the chess of international politics

[2013-02-26 17:14]

In the game of Chess, players race to checkmate each other with the use of complex strategies and tactics in order to win, sometimes there's a draw situation.

China's new face in the global arena

[2012-09-04 16:20]

Key to China's success is the profession of the leaders and bureaucrats.

What can China expect from Ambassador Locke?

[2011-08-16 12:18]

As ambassador to China, Gary Locke will fight harder for the US national interests. He will be tougher and more aggressive than some of his predecessors. The Chinese government should be prepared to deal with an ambassador with a Chinese face, which can be very deceptive.

US students and families need Tests

[2011-08-10 14:59]

China is working hard to get more and more children in school, to keep them there for more years, and to equalize educational opportunities. Meanwhile on the other side of the world, US educators are lost, continuing to insist that what's wrong with America's K-12 education system is the standardized testing system.

Don't fuss over China's first aircraft carrier

[2011-08-09 15:09]

China possessing an aircraft carrier should be considered a drastic, but necessary move in line with the growth of China's economic power.

Should Chinese families finance American public education?

[2011-08-01 16:35]

This fall a small public high school in the US is hoping to enroll 60 students from China, which will cost each Chinese student about $24,000 a year. The questions are whether American public high schools should be recruiting international students to take on the government's financial responsibility and whether Chinese families should be footing the bill.

Neighbors threaten China's peace

[2011-07-16 10:09]

China has been dedicated to a peaceful external environment so that it can bring more welfare to the world's biggest population and remain committed to world and regional peace and stability. But a spate of escalations in tensions at its doorsteps is constantly challenging its role as a low-key, broad-minded power.

Professor Tan Yunshan remembered

[2011-07-14 15:55]

In the thousand years of cultural exchange between the two Asian giants, India and China, there are several unknown stories we have been neglecting, knowingly or unknowingly. Professor Tan Yunshan's is perhaps one of those.

India fights corruption the 'Gandhian Way'

[2011-07-12 11:02]

Corruption has been a global phenomenon and prevalent across our societies in its various incarnations. But in developing countries it has come to challenge the basic morality of our political class and officialdom.

Chasing the dragon

[2011-07-08 13:42]

It is sometimes said that numbers don't tell the picture of a man's life. But in the case of Roy Rowan, they are a good place to start.

Wen's Europe tour and China's reserve diversification

[2011-06-28 10:53]

Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao started a three-country tour of Europe last Friday. It not only helps to foster closer economic ties with those countries, but also signals China's desire to diversify both the currency and asset structures of its foreign exchange reserves.

Wen Jiabao in Europe – foundations of a 'win-win' relationship

[2011-06-27 11:53]

Wen Jiabao's visit to Europe has attracted more attention in that continent than would normally attend a visit by China's Premier. The Financial Times carried a major 'tone setting' article by the premier and every major media outlet is commenting at length.

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