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China's new face in the global arena

By Aaron Jed Rabena (chinadaily.com.cn) Updated: 2012-09-04 16:20

China has changed a lot since its opening-up policy in 1978. China is now the world's second economic and military powerhouse. As China continues to rise, so does the wrong misconceptions and deceitful stigma about how it will continue to waltz out and evaporate.

China's approach now is with a strong emphasis on economic diplomacy, stern professionalism, and cultural exchanges. In the common parlance, it is known as "business is business" or "strictly business." Political liberalization is gradually following economic liberalization. An American scholar, Michael Roskin, once said "You have freedom here (China)."

What makes China different from other rising or emerging powers is that is has peppered itself with a strong emphasis on bilateral and multilateral diplomacy and international commitments. This is evidenced by their strong participation in international governmental organizations. No other emerging power in history has done what China is doing in terms of a very wide reach of economic linkages and activism in international affairs and global responsibilities which actually signals to the world they have no ulterior motive.

China has also committed to engaging the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, and the East Asia Summit among others.

Key to this success is the profession of the leaders and bureaucrats. In China, the most popular professions are engineering, business, architecture, IT, and the like. All these point to the fact that the leaders orientation will be reflected on the things that they do in society. This has been evident in the grand implementation of the national high-speed railway system, towering and magnificent mega-infrastructures, stretching flyovers, and booming high rise residential buildings – which are all aimed to provide for the needs and comforts of the people.

Leaders in China do not like to talk as much as leaders in "democratic countries." But rather, they devote their time for talking about the creation of material and tangible outputs for the benefit of the public. Most of the statesmen in China do not belong to the law profession, but what they have done for their country to achieve perpetual success is truly praiseworthy and has already been palpably embedded to improve people's lives. In China, their actions not their words are what achieves democracy -- which is done by a strong and overdriven government.

It is by the provision of efficient public services at a fast pace in which other democratic countries are not able to deliver due to much political bickering, partisanship, and squabbling. "Democracy" is just a nomenclature, what is important is a strong government that can effectively cater to the needs of its people in a swift and willful manner. There is no demagoguery in China, only productivity and non-stop activity managed by leaders that possess wisdom.

This goes to show that there is no best political form of government or political system. Every country has its own reception and perception towards its own constituency and nation-building. All nations must discover for itself what is good for it. This is what makes China flag their "Socialism with Chinese Characteristics" which bespeak that everything shall be adapted and dealt with on a case to case basis.

The Chinese are now becoming the top source of tourists and foreign students abroad especially in many Western countries, bringing along money that can contribute to the economy of the country where they are going.

Football player Nicolas Anelka and NBA idol Stephon Marbury among others have come to China to grab the opportunities that can be realized. So, from the US version of an "American Dream," there is now seemingly an emerging "Chinese Sensation" where more and more people are starting to join the bandwagon. The world is changing, where Asian states are rising, and on the forefront of that comes China's new face to the world.

China's new face in the global arena

The author is an overseas student from Philippines mastering in International Relations with a Holistic Law Background and Service Experience at Shandong University in China.

 The opinions expressed do not represent the views of the China Daily website.


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