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Photographer – Zheng Yuxiang

2012-12-03 18:20

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Zheng Yuxiang, 25, started photography in 2007 and currently works for an Internet company. He specializes in portrait and landscape photography.

He likes the works of Annie Leibovitz, Erwin Olaf, Christophe Huet and Christophe Glibert. Zheng said that he hopes to create shocking, unique and inspiring works that express his inner world.

Taking photos is easy but creating fine works of art is a tough process which requires skillful techniques, thoughtfulness, tolerance as well as enough patience, he said.

"I'm not a full-time photographer, but I always shoot what I like and want to take," Zheng said. 

Photographer – Zheng Yuxiang
The picture is shot in Daocheng, Southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,Southwest China's Sichuan province.


Photographer – Zheng Yuxiang
The Milk Lake (Erongcuo Lake) in Southwest China's Sichuan province.


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