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Mountainous task of clearing trash

2013-01-13 21:57

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Mountainous task of clearing trash

Yu Rongle sweeps a stone path as people do yoga on Baoshi Mountain in Hangzhou, capital city of East China's Zhejiang province in this photo taken October 4, 2012. Yu, 52, migrated from Quzhou to the west of Hangzhou in 2002 as a cleaning team leader in charge of the mountainous scenic spot near the famous West Lake. For the past ten years, Yu has cleaned up and down the mountain, known as the best spot to observe the famous West Lake and often littered by visitors. Sometimes, Yu and his workmates have to climb cliffs to reach for rubbish to remove cigarette butts and sunflower seeds left in rock cracks. The 24-man strong team feels there is always more rubbish than they can clean although they keep working, sometimes to midnight. [Photo/CFP]

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