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Focus on life of the disabled

2013-06-20 21:00

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Editor's note:

Although they have various disabilities, they have made friends, mastered job skills and created value for society. They face different challenges in finding jobs, but they can support themselves financially and emotionally after consistently hard work.

The employment challenges and difficulties for people with disabilities not only come from policies and laws, but more importantly stem from the prejudice and misunderstanding of employers, family members and the general public. The employment of people with disabilities are hindered by some stereotypes, including incompetence, trouble, low efficiency and high cost, restrictions of working places or environments, and lack of accessible facilities. By taking photos of the disabled persons' working conditions, we wish to present to the public their real situations, so as to enhance disabled persons' self-advocacy and influence the inherent attitude of the general public toward them. This album is supported by International Labor Organization, One Plus One Disabled Persons Cultural Development Center, as well as local photographic associations.

by Yang Yao/China Daily


 Focus on life of the disabled

Commit to happiness

Bian Fenghai, finally got out of depression from his ankylosing spondylitis.

Bian became paralyzed five years ago when he got the ankylosing spondylitis, since then the depression has haunted him. With the help from his community, he started making friends and money. He realized that you could be happy so long you are committed to it.

[Photo by Wang Yi]

Focus on life of the disabled

Prove our values

6 years ago, Li Wenjun and Jia Fuxing founded the first factory which employs disabled people in Shenyang. Around 40 people with intellectual disabilities mastered the job skills and created value for the society.

Chen Feng, 39, is intellectually challenged. Before he joined the factory, he completely relied on his family, but now he can support himself financially and emotionally.

[Photo by Zhang Tao]

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