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Second death from Guangzhou marathon reported

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-11-27 10:55

BEIJING - A 25-year-old man died in a Guangzhou hospital early Tuesday after he fell unconscious right before the finish line last Sunday, registering the second death of the Guangzhou Marathon.

Ding Xixiao was sent to hospital and kept in intensive care after he fainted 300 meters away from the 5-kilometer mini-marathon finish line in the first edition of the Guangzhou Marathon on November 18.

But the real estate company employee never recovered from the coma and died just past midnight despite doctors' efforts, reported Nanfang Metropolis Daily, a newspaper based in Guangzhou.

It was the second tragedy that marred the running festival in the southern city of China.

Chen Jie, 19, died of cardiogenic shock hours after the marathon.

The junior year university student began to feel uncomfortable after covering five kilometers. The moment he crossed the 10km marathon finish line, he dropped unconscious.

Chen was rushed to the hospital but died hours later.

Chen's parents demaned one million yuan (about $160,600) in compensation from the Guangzhou marathon organizers, Nanfang Metropolis Daily reported last week.

Guangzhou Marathon attracted about 20,000 athletes and marathon fans.

The Beijing Marahon was held last Sunday when 30,000 people participated in the 31-year-old event.

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