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China's top 10 sports news in 2012

2012-12-28 11:12

By (Xinhua/

BEIJING - Following are the top 10 sports news stories of China in the year of 2012 selected by Xinhua News Agency:

- Chess world champion Hou Yifan claimed a historical victory over Hungarian Judit Polgar, the strongest female player of all time, on Jan 31, 2012 in their first over-the-board encounter in Gibraltar. [Related: Hou Yifan concedes to Short but still makes history]

The 17-year-old Chinese grandmaster had white and won an endgame in round seven of the 10th Gibraltar Chess Festiva over Polgar, who had never lost to female player in 20 years.

China's top 10 sports news in 2012

Hou Yifan arrives in Beijing after a historical victory over Hungarian Judit Polgar at the 10th Gibraltar Chess Festival, Feb 5, 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]

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