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  • Norton was one of boxing's last heavyweight gladiators

    2013-09-25 07:22

    They were young once, and perhaps it's best to remember them that way.

  • Fast track to infamy

    2013-09-25 07:22

    Covering sport in 55 countries over the past 40 years I have seen the greats reach the stars and I have seen the stars fall from the heights. But one moment stands out from the rest: watching Ben Johnson run in Seoul on Sept 24, 1988.

  • The man who would have been king

    2013-09-25 07:22

    If anti-doping regulations had been strictly enforced, Calvin Smith, a gifted American sprinter with a distinctive upright style, would have left the 1988 Seoul Games as the Olympic 100 meters champion and world-record holder.

  • Factbox

    2013-09-25 07:22

    Sprinters who have been involved in doping scandals over the past 25 years:

  • Score board

    2013-09-25 07:22


  • Liverpool looks to inflict more misery

    2013-09-25 07:22

    Buoyed by Luis Suarez's return, Liverpool will visit Manchester United in the League Cup on Wednesday, eager to inflict more misery on a team reeling from a brutal derby defeat.

  • Milan set to appeal Balotelli sentence

    2013-09-25 07:22

    AC Milan confirmed on Monday it will appeal Mario Balotelli's three-match ban.

  • Aguero leads City to derby rout of United

    2013-09-24 10:46

    Manchester City delivered a ruthless attacking display to humble Manchester United 4-1 in the Premier League on Sunday, reasserting the team's title credentials and landing a major psychological blow on its fiercest rival.

  • Brazil to outsource World Cup anti-doping process

    2013-09-24 09:04

    Brazil has struck a deal with Swiss authorities to outsource part of the anti-doping program at next year's FIFA World Cup, local media reported on Sunday.

  • Dolphins finally making a splash

    2013-09-24 06:42

    "End the half, end the game" has been Miami coach Joe Philbin's mantra, and on Sunday his team did just that, beating the Atlanta Falcons 27-23 in a statement comeback that took the Dolphins to 3-0 for the first time in 11 years.

  • Miller's tempest in a pee cup

    2013-09-24 06:42

    Denver Broncos outside linebacker Von Miller attempted to use the help of a urine collector to avoid a positive drug test, according to an ESPN report.

  • Vettel glides, Webber hitches a ride

    2013-09-24 06:42

    Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel recorded yet another start-to-finish win at the Singapore Grand Prix on Sunday to further extend his lead in the Formula One championship.