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Come and see fireflies in Nanjing

2013-07-19 11:10

By (People's Daily Online)

Come and see fireflies in Nanjing

Photo taken by photographer Sun Chen shows beautiful fireflies in Zijin Mountain, China's Jiangsu province.[Photo/People's Daily Online]

Recently, Sun Chen, a photographer from Nanjing, China's Jiangsu province, uploads a group of super beautiful fireflies photos on the internet, causing a stir among netizens. Many people sign that they haven't seen fireflies for a long time. A reporter from Yangzi Evening News shows fireflies photos to ten children less than ten years old in Nanjing, it turns out that nine of them haven't seen fireflies before.

It is said that there are tens of thousands of fireflies in Nanjing's Zijin Mountain, where the fireflies are under the best protection in China. The best time to see fireflies is around July 25th, 2013. Parents can take children there, but be careful not to catch the fireflies or bring any light.

Come and see fireflies in Nanjing

Come and see fireflies in Nanjing

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