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Heshe ancient village beside Poyang Lake

2013-08-14 09:50

By (People's Daily Online)

Heshe ancient village beside Poyang Lake

An old man walks through a hall of an old house in Heshe ancient village, with a pole across his shoulders and two buckets of water hanging by hooks on either end, Aug 6, 2013. [Photo/Xinhua]

Located beside Poyang Lake, Heshe village is an ancient village with Hui style architectures in Suxiang town, Duchang county, central China's Jiangxi province. Initially built during the last years of Donghan Dynasty, the village has a history of more than one thousand and eight hundred years. All the residents in the village share a same family name – Yuan. At present, there are 208 families and over 800 residents in the village.

Most existing ancient architectures in Heshe village were built with the money donated by Yuan Fanjie in the middle of Qing Dynasty. According to statistics, 23 houses and 15 lanes of Ming and Qing Dynasties are well preserved in Heshe.

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Heshe ancient village beside Poyang Lake

Heshe ancient village beside Poyang Lake

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