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Obama look-alike lands a movie role

( Updated: 2015-09-21 11:35

Obama look-alike lands a movie role

Zheng Yurong (R)and Yang Mingming. [Photo/Zhengzhou Evening News]

Blind opera musicians turn out to be biological brother and sister

Two blind musicians, who performed together in Central China's Henan province, later discovered they were brother and sister abandoned as babies, according to Zhengzhou Evening News.

Zheng Yurong, 30, made a living performing local opera when she grew up and she met Yang Mingming, also a local opera musician, when she went to Luoyang in Henan four years ago.

They later decided to have DNA tests carried out after they were frequently asked by their audiences if they were brother and sister, as they greatly resembled each other.

Zheng was abandoned on a snow-covered roadside in Lushan county in Henan province when she was a newborn baby. Yang suffered the same fate 10 years later and was adopted by another family.

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