Backgrounder: Nuclear Security Summit

Updated: 2014-03-21 17:09


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BEIJING  -- The Nuclear Security Summit (NSS) is a world forum aimed at advocating nuclear security and preventing nuclear terrorism around the globe.

Against the background that insecure elements have existed and nuclear materials and technology are at the risk of being abused, U.S. President Barack Obama hosted the first NSS in 2010 in Washington D.C. after revealing in Prague his ambitious goal of a world without nuclear weapons in April 2009.

Statistics show that large amounts of nuclear materials scattered around the world could yield some 130,000 nuclear weapons. If these nuclear and radioactive materials and facilities were obtained by terrorists, the outcome would be disastrous.

The Washington summit, with the participation of leaders and representatives from 47 countries, adopted a broad communique iterating the participating countries' commitment to the goal of securing nuclear materials in four years.

A more detailed work plan outlined specific steps, including how the broad goals and commitments of the communique will be implemented.

The second NSS, held in the South Korean capital of Seoul in March 2012, saw the participation of leaders and representatives from 53 countries and international organizations such as the United Nations, the European Union, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), and the International Criminal Police Organization.

The Seoul summit concluded with the release of the 13-point Seoul Communique reiterating joint efforts toward nuclear security while backing IAEA's essential role in international cooperation.