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Surgery without scars by new robotic hands

[2011-07-06 14:27]

A team of researchers in Singapore has designed a tube with special robotic hands that allows doctors to perform surgery on a patient's inner organs without resulting in scars, local media reported on Wednesday.

Rare skin cancer more deadly than melanoma

[2011-07-08 14:49]

Merkel cell carcinoma (MCC), a rare skin cancer is more aggressive than the deadly skin disease melanoma, according to an Australian study revealed on Friday.

US obesity epidemic continues: report

[2011-07-08 10:56]

Obesity rates in the United States climbed over the past year in 16 states, and not a single state reported a decline in the proportion of excessively overweight residents, according to a report released on Thursday.

New Zealand Air Force plane hit by lightning

[2011-07-08 13:40]

A Royal New Zealand Air Force Boeing 757 made a safe emergency landing in Auckland on Friday after being hit by lightning.

Test run for death in Korea with coffin trial

[2011-07-07 18:13]

At age 62, Ha Yu-soo had begun to feel his mortality, wondering about the timing of death's soft tap on the shoulder. But why wait, he thought. Maybe he could take a test run.

Fans mourn end of Harry Potter magic

[2011-07-07 16:31]

Film farewells don't get much bigger than Harry Potter, and thousands of fans prepared on Thursday to say goodbye to their beloved boy wizard at the world premiere of the final movie in the record-breaking series.

Cameroon bans night travel to end road carnage

[2011-06-29 17:16]

Cameroon has banned night-time public transport between cities after a spate of deadly accidents last year, many involving heavy drinking on the country's infamously poor roads.

US man earns college degree at age 99

[2011-06-16 09:27]

A 99-year-old Oregon man who dropped out of college in 1932 during the Great Depression has earned his college degree.

Impersonator mocks Obama at Republican forum

[2011-06-19 10:16]

An actor impersonating President Barack Obama was ushered off the stage after he mocked the Republican presidential hopefuls and joked about the real president's biracial roots to a room full of conservative activists Saturday.

UK farmer sprays sheep with adverts

[2011-06-20 21:51]

Sheep painted with the logo of a turf company graze in a field at Mill Hill Farn near Richmond, northern England June 20, 2011.

Women can't keep breast implants for life: FDA

[2011-06-23 15:15]

Women who get silicone breast implants are likely to need additional surgery within 10 years to address complications such as rupturing of the device, US health regulators said on Wednesday.

Small asteroid to pass Earth: NASA

[2011-06-25 08:51]

Near-Earth asteroid 2011 MD will whip past Earth on June 27, but will not pose any threat, NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) said on Friday.