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Solar-powered aircraft in Paris Air Show

[2011-06-26 20:52]

The solar-powered HB-SIA prototype aircraft takes part in a flying display during the 49th Paris Air Show at the Le Bourget airport near Paris June 26, 2011.

US Airways lets man fly wearing women's panties

[2011-06-23 07:34]

Days before a college football player was arrested on a US Airways flight at San Francisco airport following a dispute over his saggy pants, the airline allowed another man wearing skimpy women's panties and mid-thigh stockings to fly.

I'm furry worried!

[2011-06-21 20:34]

This prairie dog looked the picture of concern when she stepped out of the safety of her burrow. The worrisome creature was almost humanlike as she put her tiny paw to her mouth in what appears to be shock.

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