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American-type election inapplicable to Hong Kong

Xinhua | Updated: 2022-05-10 10:12

Photo taken on July 14, 2020 shows the Golden Bauhinia Square in Hong Kong. [Photo/Xinhua]

John Lee was successfully elected as the six-term chief executive designate of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on Sunday after an election conducted in full accordance with the electoral laws and in a fair and orderly manner.

However, some forces in the U.S.-led West, though they are in no position to interfere in Hong Kong affairs, have once again thrown mud at the election and China.

By repeating the obsolete cliches about their so-called "democracy," "freedom" and "political pluralism," their real aim is just to smear Hong Kong's electoral system and force the city into their Western system.

There arises a question whether the electoral system in the West is really advanced. And facts have proven that the West's system can by no means be regarded as progressive.

More than 150 years ago, Mark Twain, a famous American writer, wrote the popular classic novel Running for Governor, which vividly depicted the chaos of American elections at that time -- various dazzling episodes like those in the House of Cards.

All kinds of dirty campaign methods popped up, which even can turn the candidates into "perjurer, thief, body-snatcher, delirium tremens, corruptionist, loathsome embracer."

Compared with more than 150 years ago, today's media have evolved and their methods are more advanced. However, there are still frequent election messes in the United States, and partisan struggles and political polarization are increasingly intensifying, which even the American media have exposed from time to time.

In essence, the elections in the United States are a thorough money politics, a game in which the powerful take turns to deal cards, divide the spoils and play with the "revolving door" of power and money, and they have nothing to do with ordinary people. Enough farces in the U.S. elections have been seen over the years.

As a part of China, Hong Kong is perfectly justified to say no to the House-of-Cards game played by Western politicians, and take measures it deems appropriate to avoid the American Running-for-Governor chaos in elections.

Not long before, due to loopholes in the electoral system, some radical separatist forces penetrated into Hong Kong's governance structure, wantonly kidnapped the overall interests of Hong Kong society, and seriously harmed the well-being of Hong Kong's general public, putting national security and Hong Kong's democratic development in peril.

In response, China's central government has taken decisive steps to improve the electoral system of the HKSAR, resolutely enhance the central government's overall governance over the region, and implement the principle of "patriots administering Hong Kong," making certain that Hong Kong can only be governed by those who love it and the country as a whole.

Generally, practice is the best touchstone for a system. From the Election Committee elections last September and the election of the seventh-term Legislative Council last December to the chief executive election, the series of successful elections has shed light on the advantages and the progressive nature of Hong Kong's new electoral system, which respects the "one country, two systems" principle and is suited to Hong Kong's realities.

Given the socio-economic development of Hong Kong over the past year, the new electoral system, which has shown great vitality, is believed to ensure social stability, economic development and improvement of people's livelihood in the city.

With broad participation, the process of the chief executive election has thoroughly embodied the core values of democracy. Behind Lee's victory with a high number of votes is the support and affirmation from the general public in Hong Kong.

At a time when the new electoral system is taking root and the city's democratic development is under optimization, the United States and its Western allies' smearing and accusations against the election only revealed their malicious intention to interfere in China's internal affairs and undermine Hong Kong's prosperity and stability.

As such "democracy countries" as the United States and some of its Western allies are still caught in rampant social messes and chaos, they are in no position to make the irresponsible remarks about Hong Kong.

Hong Kong's democratic path and its electoral system are China's internal affairs, which brook no external interference.

Any attempts to slander Hong Kong's new electoral system, impede Hong Kong's democratic development and prosperity, and contain China's development are doomed to fail.

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