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Why "Post-Truth" resonates: The impact of cyber violence and the need for responsibility and compassion in online behavior

By Xie Dong | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2023-03-13 16:05


The proliferation of social media and online communication platforms has led to an alarming increase in the prevalence of online rumors and cyberbullying, which has become a growing concern in recent years. "Post-Truth" is a timely movie that sheds light on the dangers of Iinternet rumors and the devastating impact they can have on people's lives. Directed by Da Peng, the movie has garnered high ratings from both professionals and audiences, who have praised its message and its ability to blend humor with serious social commentary.

The film follows the story of Han Lu, a terminally ill orphan who donated all her earnings to charity before she died. However, rumors soon started to circulate that she had earned her money through shady means. The unverified claim sparked a wave of hostility and outrage, including calls to remove Han Lu's tomb. Wei Pingan, a cemetery salesman played by Da Peng, who knew Han Lu, did not believe the accusations and began investigating the origin of the rumors. After many ups and downs, he discovered that the source of the rumors was an anonymous keyboard warrior who made up the story to gain attention online.

Director Da Peng explores this poignant social issue using a comedic approach, creating a film that is both thought-provoking and entertaining. Some viewers have described their emotional reaction to the movie as "crying when smiling", which can be viewed as a testament to the film's ability to evoke a range of emotions and its successful execution of blending comedy and drama.

What distinguishes "Post-Truth" from other films that addressing social concerns is the fact that the story is inspired by real-life events. According to Da Peng, the inspiration for the film's story comes from a real social news in from Hangzhou, where a woman was secretly photographed while collecting her a package, and the photo was used to spread a false rumor that she was cheating on her partner. The incident had a significant impact on the victim, and the film's creators felt a responsibility to address the issue and raise awareness about the negative effects of cyberbullying and Iinternet rumors.

"Post-Truth" is a must-watch movie for anyone who wants to better understand the impact of Iinternet rumors and the importance of fact-checking. By showing how a single rumor can spiral out of control and ruin someone's life, the movie serves as a call to action for people to not easily believe or spread rumors, and to maintain goodwill and refrain from commenting without knowing the whole picturestory. In a world where social media can sometimes feel like a breeding ground for negative emotions, this film is a refreshing reminder that we can all make a difference in promoting kindness and respect online. We, as young people, should actively work towards creating a more positive and inclusive online community.

The author is a graduate student at Renmin University of China. 

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