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More cautiousness called for studying in US with new cases of suppression reported

Ecns.cn | Updated: 2023-08-24 14:11

(ECNS) -- Chinaqw. com, a comprehensive website for overseas Chinese, has recently heard complaints from Chinese students studying in the US, telling their stories of being blocked or suppressed from the US authorities upon entry into and studying in the country, from which their academic pursuit has suffered a lot.

Three students from China have recounted their recent experiences upon arriving in the US with valid visas.

They said they were detained and subject to extensive questioning by officials from the US Customs and Border Protection and the Department of Homeland Security. Without any concrete evidence or valid authorization, US officials detained their laptops, smartphones, and other electronic devices, and demanded access to device passwords.

These officials repeatedly inquired about the students' affiliation with the Communist Party of China and their military background, among other matters. Ultimately, the US authorities denied entry to these three Chinese students, using coercive tactics to pressure them into signing documents relinquishing their visas.

The students have conveyed that the methods employed by some US officials during questioning process were unjust and illegal, characterized by manipulative and threatening inquiries.

Phones Subjected to Inspection

According to another Chinese student pursuing a doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering in the US, the student has been subjected to a 12-hour-long interrogation by the US law enforcement officials.

During the interrogation, the student was continuously asked about the parents' farmer identity and the source of education expenses to study in the US. In addition, the US authorities unilaterally suspected the student of being a military personnel and coming to the US for espionage, just by some electrical engineering-related photos in the student's phone and the student's personal interest in military.

The US authorities even declined the student's request for an interpreter and did not inform the student of the right to communicate with the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the US and other individuals.

Repatriated due to Group-chats and Visa Documents

A Chinese student studying in the US was repatriated due to the student's "possible" connection with Wagner Group because the US law enforcement found contents concerning the Ukraine crisis from some group chats on social media.

Another was repatriated as well due to "discrepancy between visa application information and reality" just because the student was suspected of concealing work experience by using pinyin transliteration, instead of the formal English name, of his former workplace in the visa application documents.

Accused for Auditing Lectures

What's more, a Chinese international student was recently charged by the FBI under the so-called Proclamation 10043 of "intentionally concealing military-related education background", which constitutes "visa fraud", and could potentially lead to a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison.

However, the fact is that the Chinese student audited several lectures that the US authorities deems to be "sensitive", so the student was charged with the crime he didn't commit. In addition, the FBI also stole the student's application materials as "evidence", resulting in the severe infringement of the student's personal privacy.

US Suppression on Chinese International Students Creates 'Chilling Effect'

People involved in overseas study services pointed out that the US brags about its openness, inclusiveness and academic freedom, but politicizes and weaponizes academic research and abuses the concept of national security to suppress and persecute Chinese international students.

When US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited China earlier this year, the US and China agreed on intensifying people-to-people exchanges. While the US claims to welcome more Chinese students, it continues to suppress them.

Under the lies of "inclusiveness" and "freedom", the US hides its vicious attempts to contain China by suppressing China's international students. This will undoubtedly create a "chilling effect" inside and outside the US, so Chinese students should be prudently and carefully assess the risks before making their decisions to study in the US.

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